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Anjali Wadhwani

Business Strategist | Serial Entrepreneur

I help service-based businesses fuel their profits through Actionable & Integrated Business Strategies. 

I am Anjali Wadhwani, 

A lethal combination of extensive knowledge, hands-on expertise and  multi-industry experience, and here’s 5 excellent reasons to trust me

(beyond the fact that I created a cash machine on steroids, and I help businesses do just that!)

I know what it is like to be haunted by the thoughts of what next? The sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that would accompany my days and even haunt me through the sleep, the worry about paying the bills (I pay my own bills, even though I can chose not to), worrying about being a failure (my second  biggest fear), the worry about facing the questioning eyes screaming “we told you so”. Wondering if I was half as good as a business owner, as I was as an employee or a coach.

The journey from an underachiever at school, to the best employee of the year for 4 consecutive years, in different companies and industries, to being an owner of 2 very successful businesses (and another one in making) has taught me more about the world of business, than any B School ever can.

I have seen people being tangled in their fantasies of owning a business when all they have is a job they gave to themselves.

Likewise, I have worked with business owners running companies with hundreds of people, struggling to scale their profits, coz they are webbed in the vicious circle of firefighting, adding and marking things off their to-do lists, working like maniacs, getting one customer on board after another, still not being able to FUEL THEIR PROFITS.

And that is where I come in. One of my superpowers is to know what exact things we need to do in order to fuel profits, and I help my clients identify, accept, and implement it.

My mission goes beyond creating a profitable business that supports a luxurious life.

My mission is to create an empire of many such businesses and leave a legacy behind.

I am a knowledge fiend. I am constantly levelling up what I know, so that I may pass them on to my clients.

My clients receive deceptively simple, actionable, synchronized strategies to growth hack their way to higher levels of profit and sustainable success, in a relatively short time. 

That’s pretty much about me!

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