Why am I losing my Sales & Clients?


Anjali Wadhwani

Business Strategist helping businesses growth hack to the next level of profits and sustainability.

If you have pondered upon this question trying to find out answers to Why you are losing your sales and clients, you will love what I am about to share. So, put all your devices on silent, grab a cup of coffee, a pen, and a paper because you will be taking notes loads of them, take a deep breath and read.

Remember the time when you worked so hard on getting a project, and you. Thought this is the ONE, and you and this client is a match made in heaven, and this is THE project you’ve been waiting for like this was meant to be?

Only to find your hopes crushed?

We have all been involved in a project client only to realize what a mistake it was to take up on this project. Be honest, you have experienced this tight? I have, and I know you have experienced it too.

And we can avoid all this drama and trauma without losing a hair strand, by simply asking RIGHT questions. What question? I will come to that, but before that let me tell you WHY I am writing this.

If you know me ( and if you don’t you will know me a bit now) you know I don’t write just because I have too, I need to feel for the topic, it’s need, and only when I see it can be someone’s burning need and I can help, I write about it.

In last couple of months, I have met a lot of freelancers, solo-preneurs and small business owners and everyone is ready to grab any and every project that comes their way, they just grab it, and no surprises that they feel they are busy all the time and life is chaotic. And then the train of excuses, blame games and all of the junk starts.

So again, I am picky about the clients I work with. I would rather make one sell for 1000 bucks than 100 of those for 10 Bucks. Because those 100 sales for 10 Bucks leave me drained out and uber exhausted, not to miss they require just as much effort. The only thing is that this effort is kind of repetitive and doable, the 1000$ deals take the same amount of efforts but the level is different. So people choose the easy way.

I don’t.

And I am not judging anyone on it, I am not the judgment types. What I am doing here is instead giving you a master trick, a trick which in reality is a disguise of an actual system that all successful people follow.

“Only interact with prospects who are ready to buy.”

Know the trick:

The trick to having a profitable and peaceful relationship with a client, is laid on the foundation of “How Your Client Sees You”?

Do they really see you as an expert?

Do they consider you an authority on the things they are hiring you for?

Or are you just another vendor to them, that they are trying?

The difference is big and so are the results. Once your client sees you as an expert, they start to respect you.

Yes, they would put their views on the table of course, yes they will want you to agree to their point of views, but they would never undermine your authority, intention or knowledge.

Because they would trust you as an expert who is working with them towards achieving THEIR goals.


Take a deep breath

And imagine having that kind of a relationship with your clients?

What would it mean to your business?

What would it mean to you?

Knowledge is having the right answers.

Intelligence is asking the right questions.

Unfold The Trick

The trick is “Asking Right Questions” yes, asking right questions, at the right time, in the right tone, its that simple.

But do not let the simplicity disguise its power and potential,  because one question can change the game.

Master The Trick:

If you are reading it this far, you are sold out on the power of asking questions. But the key to success lies in asking right questions.

Yes right questions, at right time, in the right tone, and then using the answers to your advantage.

Tell me what questions are you asking your clients? Share them in the comments section below and I will help you fix them, in case they need to be fixed.

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