LinkedIn Master Class – Live




2 Days Of Master The Game Of LinkedIn @ INDORE

Day 1

  1. Identify what LinkedIn can do for YOU
  2. Assign a job to LinkedIn
  3. Set your goals
  4. Know your LinkedIn ROI
  5. LinkedIn Prospect Profiling – No not the superficial demographics that leave you high and dry, we cover the PSYCHOGRAPHICS of your audience here.
  6. Network it right – Detoxify & Revive your network
  7. Profile Me Up – Be found & Mark your presence with authority

Day 2

  1. Planning your presence
  2. Creating YOUR power presence formula
  3. Predefined presence aka your content calendar
  4. LinkedIn Blue Print / Lead Generation Funnel
  5. Plotting your win – Creating your master swipe files
  6. Everyday LinkedIn Game Plan – XX minutes a day to LinkedIn success


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