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I help business owners amplify their succes by fixing their profit leaks, using integrated business strategies to create process and align them with your people.

People + Process =


Business Amplifier Program

Have you ever wished if you could clone yourself, things would be so much better?

Ever wondered why people don’t do their job right, after all the possible training & support?

The answer to your prayers lies in PROCESS. Processes that are customized to YOUR BUSINESS, Implemented By YOUR TEAM.

Self Sustainable Digital Ecosystem

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room – Digital Marketing. We know it is a non-negotiable in today’s changing time, but getting it to work for you, is like teaching an elephant how to walk on a rope.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

I can help you create a Self Sustaining Digital Marketing System that delivers your Marketing Goals.

Leverage LinkedIn For Business

Doesn’t this look familiar to you? Especially when it comes to LinkedIn?

You know it has worked tremendously for businesses like yours, but whatever you do with it, you end up stuck in the maze?

I can help you Leverage LinkedIn and make it your authority infused Lead Generation Machine.

Don’t Settle For Less

Optimize Your Business Goals and Objectives

Irrespective of what stage your business is in, be it Infant, Adolescent, or Mature, fueling your PROFITS & PRESENCE is what will keep it alive and kicking.

Now that you know you want to fuel your profits you can choose to:

  1. Hire an in-house business strategist (A great but an expensive option)
  2. Bring in a “Business Coach”, who tell you all the awesome things YOU need to do i.e putting more things on your table.

Or you can have the best of both the worlds and have us on board, and we will make it happen TOGETHER!

Charge Forward With

Integrated & Actionable Business Strategies Built Exactly To Your Needs

When it comes to “Strategies” there are few things that are non negotiable.

  • One size does NOT fit all (not even 2 exactly same businesses)
  • It has to be broken down into ACTIONABLE & Measurable milestones
  • INTEGRATED Strategies are non-negotiable. If your marketing strategy is not integrated with production or the rest of the teams, it is made it fail.

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Business Process Re-Engineering

Business Automation 

Sales Funnels

Passive Income 

DropShipping – WooCommerce & Shopify

GDPR Compliance (The Legal way)

Marketing In The Digital World (Online + Offline)

LinkedIn As Service

Services Models

How can we work together?

To work with me all you need is a high speed internet connection and, we can work together to achieve Results That Pick A Punch.

If your preference is to work in person, guess what? We can do that too, yes coz “We Aim To Please”

So YOU pick the kind of method that works best for you and we follow the suit.

At Your Office

Need someone to be IN YOUR office and work WITH You. You Have Got IT!

Go Virtual

For those who are oceans apart, video calling and screen shares are our friends.


A great deals of skills, strategies, trips, tricks, and blue prints are packed here for specific topics.


Get professional on board to train your team on various aspects of sales, Marketing, Planning etc.

HOW the heck I qualified to Help you?

I have lived it all, with people like YOU

I never went to Business School, atleast not as a student (wink). However, I started to work when I was 17 with real Businesses. In last 14 years, I have worked with businesses of all kinds, at various roles, from varied industries.

Event Management

Customer Service

Project Management

ERP After Sales Services

Business Strategy – Service Based Business

Marketing In The Digital World

Idea To Income Business Lauchs 

Business Process Re-engineering

Business Designing & re-Designing

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Facebook Strategy 2018

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LinkedIn Marketing ROI Calculator

LinkedIn Marketing ROI Calculator

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LinkedIn Weds Twitter

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