Have you integrated your LinkedIn & Twitter profiles?

Have you heard the latest social media gossip? Yes LinkedIn & Twitter are now married.  We all know LinkedIn the world’s best and second to none business networking platform can be integrated aka connected to Twitter. Yes you can connect LinkedIn with Twitter and it has been there from quiet some time, what shocked me was why aren’t people doing it?

When I questioned couple of my friends who are mostly small business owners they were like, what???? When did this happen? No you probably got it wrong I need to check, and their jaws dropped when they saw it is nothing but the truth.

We all know how important it is for a professionals not only to be on LinkedIn but also, mark their presence right, set authority that impresses, network with net worth, sell in style and all of that. When it comes to social media for business there is always a fight between Facebook & LinkedIn (I get business from both platforms as I use all my social medias in an integrated way rather than choosing ad-hoc way) you will find me repeating this everywhere you meet or e-meet me, that when Facebook which was born to be social media platform can get you business, imagine what a Business Only platform can do to your sales.On Facebook people are there for multiple interests and reason, but on LinkedIn it is all about BUSINESS.

So when Facebook connected Insta for obvious reasons, how could LinkedIn not make a move, and this one is a #MasterStroke. Yes LinkedIn & Twitter is a master stroke and here is why:

  1. Twitter is a fast way to get the message out.
  2. Twitter is all about being instant (sorry Instagram you are not so Instant are you?)
  3. Twitter connects
  4. Twitter lets you engage your customers
  5. Twitter is used as a search engine as well – For people, skills, businesses, trends all of it.

And I hear you say:

  1. I don’t use twitter
  2. My tribe is not on twitter
  3. I read that life span of a tweet is of 18 minutes
  4. I have enough social media accounts to manage

Yes, you are right and that is why it is important for you to connect your LinkedIn with twitter. As a business strategist and a digital marketing coach I always recommend chasing limited social media networks those that you can manage well. Those that integrate well with your lead generation process, those where YOUR audience is most active.

But when a seamless connection that can happen in a matter of minutes can help you mark your presence one of the top 5 social media platforms, WITHOUT any extra effort, why not?

So, leave everything you are doing right now and take out two minutes to connect your LinkedIn with your Twitter profile, and leverage it. And here is how you can do it….

Step 1: SignIn to your LinkedIn

Step 2: Click on the “Me” icon with your image on the top of your LinkedIn Profile Homepage

Step 3: Select “Settings & Privacy”

Step 4: From the dropdown select “Partners & Services”

Step 5: Click on “Twitter Settings”

Step 6: Add / Remove your Twitter Account(s)

Yes you can add more than one! Isn’t that fab? Just make sure you are logged into the twitter account you want to connect too. 

Liked It? Will you integrate it or you will let this awesome thing pass? Let me know in the comments section, that keeps me motivated to share such awesome stuff with you… Also if there is any thing about LinkedIn that you want me to cover, let me know in the comments section below and let me tell you my friends – “Your wish is my command”

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