In just 2 unforgettable days, you’ll be

the undisputed champion of The Game Of LinkedIn.

My Promise

In these 2 business altering life changing days you will master the code of LinkedIn

>> Creating a power-packed presence on LinkedIn so that YOUR audience perceives you as a GO To Expert of the Niche

>> Make LinkedIn your lead generation machine


I am so freakin’ pumped to be bringing back a live, and in person one of its kind masterclass where we work on your LinkedIn Strategy & Presence TOGETHER.

Yes, YOU, ME & YOUR BUSINESS the lethal combination to guaranteed success.

This is what you’ll discover during these 2 business-altering days with me:

The tried, tested and perfected system of making LinkedIn work for you. The same system that I and my clients use to make LinkedIn their lead generation machine. Without spending a dime on ads.

We will be covering 4 main things:


Plan your game. What you wanted LinkedIn do for you.


How will that be achieved. What are the preps you need to win this game?


Mark your power presence


Play the game, the battlefield is all yours.

In just 2 days, you will walk out with 

:: A clear understanding of your Buyers & The Buyer Journey which they go through before buying products /services like yours.

:: A profile that helps you be found when people are searching for experts like you.

:: A profile that introduces you as the expert you are.

:: A profile that is made to help you achieve the goals YOU defines.

:: Your step by step presence formula, that establishes you as an expert in your niche.

:: Swipe file with every message that you will ever need to send on LinkedIn, ready.

:: Your LinkedIn Success Blue Print made by YOU.

:: Your XX minute a day LinkedIn Plan (XX coz you decide if it is 10 minutes of 10 hours)

Is This for YOU?

If you are time-starved, you are done with procrastination, you do not have the time and energy to hustle with trials and errors of what works and what does not work on LinkedIn.

If you are done with

logging into LinkedIn and randomly doing things

If you are done with

Wondering why isn’t it working for me when it works for others,

If you are done with

what is it that I am doing wrong?  What an I missing.

This 2-day masterclass is for you

 Breaking The norms

This is not a training.

This isn’t a knowledge downpour either. 

This is an action-packed mastermind.

Here you will not walk out of the door “understanding” what you need to do.

When you walk out the door after 2 days of this business altering mastermind:

  • You will have a LinkedIn success blueprint customised for YOUR unique business and goals, ready.
  • You would know how much time you need to invest in LinkedIn to achieve YOUR LinkedIn Goals
  • What you need to do in that time. Step By Step.

Everything. Predefined.

Ready to be plugged and played.

This is going to be AMAZING! 


I can’t wait to serve you in such a big way. 

Here is what is going to happen in 2 awesome days

Day 1

  1. Identify what LinkedIn can do for YOU
  2. Assign a job to LinkedIn
  3. Set your goals
  4. Know your LinkedIn ROI
  5. LinkedIn Prospect Profiling – No not the superficial demographics that leave you high and dry, we cover the PSYCHOGRAPHICS of your audience here.
  6. Network it right – Detoxify & Revive your network
  7. Profile Me Up – Be found & Mark your presence with authority

Day 2

  1. Planning your presence
  2. Creating YOUR power presence formula
  3. Predefined presence aka your content calendar
  4. LinkedIn Blue Print / Lead Generation Funnel
  5. Plotting your win – Creating your master swipe files
  6. Everyday LinkedIn Game Plan – XX minutes a day to LinkedIn success

But, beware

This is not for the faint-hearted.

This isn’t for those who are looking for a software of an app to do things for them. This isn’t for those who do not want to show up.


The result of actions depends upon the very quality of the action.

And when it comes to overpowering your competition and being your audience’s first choice, you gotta show up and do the work.

I have made it as simple as it can be. I have laid our everything so you do not have to figure it out. I have created it in bite-size chunks so you can implement it easily. I will give you all that you need to make this happen.

But you gotta do it for yourself.

Here is what else you can do

You can hire a resume writer and make it your LinkedIn Profile, people say it will cost you around 5 K, I say it will cost you your business.

Here is another thing that you can do:

  1. Hire an expert to do your LinkedIn profile – 10 K
  2. Hire another expert to manage your LinkedIn Profile – 15 K / Month
  3. Hire someone in-house and train them – 20 K / Month or more

Without any guarantee of ROI. This way you are playing blind.

Or you can take an informed decision and

  1. Take charge of your presence
  2. Own your strategy

If you don’t care enough for your network, what makes you think someone else will?

Here’s what’s happening and what we’re doing here:


>> The STRATEGY and HOW-TO of making LinkedIn work for you

>> Your Visibility Amplified Done

>> Authority Establishment Done Done and Done

>> Irresistible Impact by all means

>> Growth in sales & income – You Bet.

>> A next-level step-by-step plan for YOU and your unique business on how to scale UP all 4 of those things above (your visibility, your authority, your impact, and your income). 

>> A ready-to-implement plan for your offerings that YOU will map out with ME, live at the event.

>>You’ll know exactly how to launch it and bring in sales in Just 2 DAYS.

If You Want To

> own your presence <

> establish yourself as an authority <

> Be the trusted go-to expert easy to BUY from <

>Develop a process for doing all of this without complicated funnels and ads <

> Avoid spending mornings & nights glued to your computer hunting your next big clients, and instead have clients come to YOU<

> Crack the code and master the game of LinkedIn and put LinkedIn to work<

Well, that’s what’s happening here!


This is not a one-way knowledge transfer.

This is not for knowledge Seekers.

This is for ACTION Takers.

The Goal Digger.


This is a $280 But today you can sign up for $190 .Click the button below and Master The Game Of LinkedIn