I am not going to waste your (and my) time over telling you things about LinkedIn that you already know. After all, it isn’t something new, its been there and is the master of their game – Business. What I am going to share will take your LinkedIn game up by a notch and help you DIY your LinkedIn Audit. Ready?

The way we do business has changed big time. From office meetings and demos to emails, to social selling, to strategic inbound marketing the game is ever evolving. While most of us are happy with Facebook Ads, we can not procrastinate the frustration building with freebie hunters for long, can we?

Time for some reality check

Here is the truth – Facebook was not meant for business (yes it has and is still evolving with their awesome ad targeting and all of that), but the fact remains the same. It was not meant for business, go back in the time and recollect why you joined Facebook, it was to socialize with friends and family, and today it probably is one of your go-to social selling platform like that of million business out there. It was and still is my go-to platform for low and mid-ticket item sales, but not for my one on one consulting, that one tops my value ladder.

Now think about LinkedIn. When a non-business platform can bring you sales, what can a business exclusive platform do to elevate your business? And we are not talking about any business network, but the world’s best – LinkedIn.

Silly reasons and an equally silly bet 😛

You may reason saying it does not work for you, or your kind of people are not there, or you have tried and it did not work and all of that. If you are into online sales, especially service, website & app design and development, SEO, coaching, writing or even SAAS sales, I bet my silky long hair that LinkedIn is your go-to to place.

(Hey! How about my house, my car or anything for that matter, but not my hair? I am not a diva anyways, but if I go bald I will look scary as hell, so yeah let’s leave these on my head.)

So whether you have a dead profile on LinkedIn or have a profile and an on – off presence as well, this is for you. It’s time to revive your LinkedIn Game, and here is how you start.

The game of LinkedIn

Introducing – LinkedIn Audit

The shortest, Sweetest and most effective LinkedIn Audit starts with Google.

Yes, Google Yourself  – Google yourself by name and also by the search terms which your potential buyers might be using to search for people or business like yours?

Did you find yourself? Your LinkedIn Profile? If not there is a lot you need to change there.

If you find yourself, its time to dig in deep.

    1. Does your google brief describes what you do and make people distinguish you from all those who share your name? And help them find YOU.
    2. Does your profile has a profile picture of you that puts you in the right light?
    3. Your profile banner? Does it speak 1000 words about you? A picture is worth a thousand words, remember?
    4. Your Headline – Do you have one? Does it inspire people to go through your profile?
    5. Your Summary – Is you summary a boring and self boosting resume or you are addressing your ideal prospects there, priming them to hit that connect button, or reach out to you in other ways?
    6. Do you have your contact information there?
    7. Is your website and authority blogs linked to your LinkedIn?
    8. How many you have endorsements you have for your skills, that your prospects are looking for in you?
    9. How about recommendations? Are they for the service you offer currently? Are they convincing enough?
    10. Are you active and engaging with right people and right places?

Too much? May be, may be not but critical it defiantly is. And this is just the phase 1, this goes a lot deeper about how you connect and converse with people out there. How you build you authority, attract leads, nurture them and move them down your sales funnel and a whole lot of it, but that one some other day.

For now, I encourage you to audit your LinkedIn profile and tell me what you found in the comment section below.

Also, if this question ever crosses your mind that what can it mean for you to be on LinkedIn? Or What will be the ROI of YOU using LinkedIn in your business, check out the LinkedIn Marketing ROI Calculator and find an answer to these questions in under 3 Minutes.  

PS: Time to time I do a LinkedIn Profile Audit Giveaway, where I pick few entries and audit their profile. So keep an eye on the timer below, and if it is ticking,  you don’t want to miss this opportunity to get your LinkedIn profile audited by yours truly. 

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