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LinkedIn is by far the best and second to none when it comes business platform. And we help you make it your Lead Generation Machine.

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Take your LinkedIn game to the next level and turn it into a POWERFUL Business Tool and helps you be found; spotlights your skills & experiences.

One that speaks to YOUR target audience, and puts your name either on their Credit Card or Wishlist.

One that makes LinkedIn your Lead Generation Machine.

LinkedIn Profile Audit

We audit LinkedIn profile on 3 critical aspects

  1. Being Found
  2. Being Found By Right People @ Right Time
  3. Impact of LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn Profile Makeover

We create a high-level, goal-oriented LinkedIn profile that

  1. Builds your brand
  2. Attract Your Ideal Client
  3. Expands your Network

LinkedIn Business Strategy

Only if having a great profile was enough…

A great profile without an actionable business strategy specific to LinkedIn is just like that pretty vase that sits on your table.

We help you integrate LinkedIn in your Business Strategy in a way that it becomes your lead generation machine.


Try Our Bullet Proof No BS Process

Interview & Goals

We kick-start by sending you a questionnaire and then discuss it over a one on one Interview with you.

On this call, we set clear, actionable and measurable goals that you would like LinkedIn to achieve for  you. We also work on YOUR audience persona.

Power Profile

Our brand specialists then work on creating a profile that appeals to YOUR Target Audience.

We write your profile in a way that it strategically aligns with your LinkedIn Goals.

Success Blueprint

We then work with you to create a step by step, easy to implement a strategic system which is made to help you achieve your LinkedIn Goals.

We don’t just make the blueprint, we equip you with all the tools and templates that you will need to make LinkedIn Your Lead Generation Machiene

Why Us

Our aim is to help you build a presence that attracts, inspires and impress. One that makes your prospects fall in love with you. And then to use it to make LinkedIn your Lead Generation Machine.

Competition Research

We utilise our research expertise and invest time in researching your immediate and inspiring competitors.

Prospect Profiling

We work with you on knowing your ideal prospect the way it matters. Answering all Whos, Whats, Wheres & Hows.

SEO / Be Found

We optimise your profile so YOUR audience can find you right when they are looking for an expert liek you.

Professional Wirting

We strategically craft your LinkedIn Summary, Headline & other components, that talks to your ideal prospects, and persuade them to get in touch.

Our Aim

Our aim is to build a profile that gives you greater visibility in LinkedIn searches, build a trusting reputation, that gives you an edge over the competition.


Things don’t when we deliver you the services, in-fact that is when the game has just begun. We give you access to our VIP group, where you can ask questions, help and be helped.

Meet Me

Or in other words

why the heck am I qualified to talk to you

I am Anjali Wadhwani, 

I help service-based business growth hack to their next level of profits and sustainability, through the power of actionable INTEGRATED Strategies.

I am a lethal combination of extensive knowledge, hands-on expertise and  multi-industry experience, and here’s 5 excellent reasons to trust me

(beyond the fact that I created a cash machine on steroids ) 


Pricing Models For Every Need

You are different so are your needs, and we believe in giving you customised solutions.

You can choose from our 2 most popular packages, or request a customised one for You.

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