Is Your Facebook Strategy Ready for 2018?

Anjali Wadhwani
I help buisnesses growth hack to next level of  profit & sustainability.

Facebook is an integral part of online businesses and that is why keeping up with it tops the list of every Digital Marketer. Facebook being one of the fastest evolving social media platforms keeps experimenting with new features to keep both the end users and marketers hooked and happy.

And with Facebook changing their feed algorithms, there is a lot that needs to be tweaked in your strategy. So here is what 2018 holds for Facebook and its time both marketers and business gear up for it.

People are not on social media to buy, they are there to know, connect, learn, and edutain (educate + entertain).

Anjali Wadhwani

Facebook Forecasts For 2018, are you Ready?

1. In Store Purchases

2. Going Mobile is not optional anymore

3.Bots Bots Bots

4. Watch Facebook Watch

5. Don’t let the numbers fool you

Facebook is back to basics, what started as a platform connecting people was soon over flooded with feeds of business pages and that clearly did not go well with people. Mark Zuckerberg, a man who listens to his customers played his cards and announced in one of his posts that the feeds are changing again and would be more focused on updates from friends than pages. 

What delighted users became a concern for businesses and advertisers, but as the dust settled down here are few things to take notice of:

1. Pages & Groups that YOU have created are still third party resources. Do not put all your eggs in one basket, move them to your owned mediums.

2. This move means spending more money on ads, coz hey that’s their main revenue stream, so pleasing people and that my friends is a masterstroke.

And now is the time you look past the declining reach, get up, dust yourself up and re-strategize your moves, in doing so here are few things you should consider. 

In Store Purchases

This one has been going around from some time now, a drug store shampoo increased their off-shelf purchases by 18% in 2017 only through Facebook In-Store Ads.

While some businesses are happy that as high as 51% of their sales come from online mediums, some are cranky and hate the digital revolution (especially in Developing countries), blaming the digital revolution and eCom businesses for their declining sales, while the real culprit responsible is their resistance to adopt technology.

Yes, it will be 2018 in a blink of an eye but it is still not too late. Facebook will make the in-store result tracking more transparent, and QR Code Reward Tracking System will further make the In-Store ads a hit amongst brick and motor businesses.

Going Mobile is not optional anymore

Even in 2017 people were still debating about their mobile presence, but now the debate is over. Going Mobile is no more an option, it is a necessity. 80% of Facebook’s revenue come from mobile users, and it is only increasing.

So my marketer friends and businesses owners, Go Mobile before it is too late.

PS: Going mobile does not necessarily mean having an app.

Bots Bots Bots

This time make a move fast, the first mover advantage is gone already but you still gotta time to be early adopters. With the changed news feed, the every day dipping page conversations, Messenger is your life safer, for people still haven’t developed a blind eye for it. Make the most of it while you can.

Remember, Bots like every other Facebook feature have their own set of rules, adhere to them. Use it to engage your audience, to give them reminders, tips and be creative, do not I repeat do not make it your sales pitch broadcast system.

Keep a watch on Facebook – Watch

The second biggest search engine is YOUTUBE and videos are the way to go, and while giants like Amazon is getting their dig already, Facebook is playing it rather slow (which has always been their case slow and steady), with Facebook Watch. It may take some more time for this one to pick it up, but when it does, it is set to be big.

Don’t let the numbers fool you

Even today I find my self-explaining it to my client that the numbers of Facebook fans or for that matter any fans is not something that should drive our strategies. Only 2 % of YOUR facebook fans see YOUR posts, 2%.

Yes, just that. Your Fans, do not see YOUR posts.

At every chance you get convert them into your subscriber, own their digital currency which is email. And then do not spam it.

PS: If you have a fan page with good numbers but not even average interaction, run a fans only ad and revive them.

That was about facebook in 2018 and how you can embrace it. But irrespective of the medium you chose remember to make about them (YOUR target audience) not YOU.

Want to strategically plan your digital moves? Are you ready to say bye to ad hoc way of social media and make a strategic move that helps YOUR BUSINESS, lets talk.


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