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Client inception and take your business to new heights

October 14, 2018 New Delhi

Client Inception Masterclass

Meet Jade

Jade is an entrepreneur. He is a digital marketer and a good one

Jade loves working for clients and delivering results he promised.

One eveningJade realized he does not have enough clients.

He is concerned, about what next? Hops into some facebook groups and post about his services ( People enquire but are not ready to sign up, and pay for his services).

Jade recklessly create content and start promoting it. He needs a new client.

Worried (and frustrated by excuses people are making to buy his services), he reaches out to his old clients for referrals. But this process will take time.

Jade have bills to pay…Things to Buy… Places to Go… Promises to Keep.

Panicked, he starts to pitch and run Ads.

Don’t Be Like Jade

Meet Ace

Ace offers exactly the same set of services as Jade and is equally good at them.

Ace always have clients in his pipeline. Yes, clients wait to work with him.

This gives Ace the freedom to manage his time and priorities as well.

Ace also enjoys the liberty to choose the RIGHT client, a client ACE is the best fit for and can enjoy working with.

Unlike Jade,  who has to take on any client who comes (no judging here), coz hey you gotta do what you gotta do, and pay bills.

Don’t be like Jade.

Do not undermine your skills.

Do not be dependent on the mercy of referrals and ads.

Be like Ace!

Have a client inception process.

Always have clients waiting to work with you. The benefits are countless.

What The F is

Client Inception Process

Only if being in business and selling was as simple as putting it on a blog or somewhere on social media, or say even run ads and say I do “X, Y & Z” and have clients waiting with their credit cards to give you their money, but the truth is, it is not.

You may get lucky and have 1 or 2 or even 20 clients.

But to have a consistent pipeline of clients it takes a lot more than few random posts and ads. But, let me assure you it is NOT DIFFICULT, neither is it any Rocket Science, in fact, it is something simple, and the best part is, you don’t have to figure it out alone.

I will help you do just that.

Together in this one-day Masterclass, we will craft YOUR Client Inception Process. Which includes >>

1. Knowing your buyer the ultimate way: Demographics are basic, so are the pain points, psychographics is what make people BUY.

2. Authority Building: How to introduce yourself as an authority so that your prospect hear you.

3. Positioning: How to position yourself as a subject matter expert, and become their go-to person for your niche.

4. Convert with content: Know exactly what content will make them trust you and BUY from you.

5. Retain & Referrals: How to make your existing clients your frequent buyers and business ambassadors.

Client Inception masterclass


Client Inception is a strategy which when successfully implemented has the potential of winning clients without pitching. YES without pitching.

In this masterclass, my mission would be to empower you with all the knowledge and tools you need to know to create this master strategy.

We achieve this with practical exercises, and there is a high probability that few action takers would walk out with their ready to implement client inception strategy and action plan.


Buyer Persona


Buyer Journey


Buying Objections


Desired Positioning


Content Strategy


Social Proofs

Are you ready to

Have a consistent flow of clients?

I have never met anyone who answered this questions in a NO.

We all want and dream of this authority infused business, where client acquisition is and retention are consistent,

Where we have a leverage to choose who we work with.

And this Client Inception Masterclass is what you need to head on the journey of becoming the best version of you.

Use the last leg of 2018 to fuel your business growth forever.

Price Per Person

₹ 5100


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