Why Me!

Why Me!

Meet Me! Or In Other Words

Why the heck am I qualified to talk to you!

Anjali Wadhwani

Business Strategist | Serial Entrepreneur

I help service-based businesses fuel their profits through Actionable & Integrated Business Strategies. 

I am Anjali Wadhwani, 

A lethal combination of extensive knowledge, hands-on expertise and  multi-industry experience, and here’s 5 excellent reasons to trust me

(beyond the fact that I created a cash machine on steroids, and I help businesses do just that!)

I know what it is like to be haunted by the thoughts of what next? The sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that would accompany my days and even haunt me through the sleep, the worry about paying the bills (I pay my own bills, even though I can chose not to), worrying about being a failure (my second  biggest fear), the worry about facing the questioning eyes screaming “we told you so”. Wondering if I was half as good as a business owner, as I was as an employee or a coach.

The journey from an underachiever at school, to the best employee of the year for 4 consecutive years, in different companies and industries, to being an owner of 2 very successful businesses (and another one in making) has taught me more about the world of business, than any B School ever can.

I have seen people being tangled in their fantasies of owning a business when all they have is a job they gave to themselves.

Likewise, I have worked with business owners running companies with hundreds of people, struggling to scale their profits, coz they are webbed in the vicious circle of firefighting, adding and marking things off their to-do lists, working like maniacs, getting one customer on board after another, still not being able to FUEL THEIR PROFITS.

And that is where I come in. One of my superpowers is to know what exact things we need to do in order to fuel profits, and I help my clients identify, accept, and implement it.

My mission goes beyond creating a profitable business that supports a luxurious life.

My mission is to create an empire of many such businesses and leave a legacy behind.

I am a knowledge fiend. I am constantly levelling up what I know, so that I may pass them on to my clients.

My clients receive deceptively simple, actionable, synchronized strategies to growth hack their way to higher levels of profit and sustainable success, in a relatively short time. 

That’s pretty much about me!

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Meet Me – Anjali Wadhwani AKA A Rebel

Meet Me – Anjali Wadhwani AKA A Rebel

Misfit. Rebel. Trouble Maker. 

The Game Changer


MARCH, 1986

That’s My Birthdate Don’t Forget to send me some Books & Blue Berry Muffins

Business Strategist




I don’t have a rag to riches story for you. What I do have is a story of a rebel (Yours Truly). The things I did and the not so conventional ways of doing it.

I never went to Business School, at least not as a student (wink). However, I started to work when I was 17 with Real Businesses.

In last 14 years, I have worked with businesses of all kinds, at various roles, from varied industries.


Event Management

Customer Service

Project Management

ERP After Sales Services

Business Strategy – Service Based Business

Marketing In The Digital World

Idea To Income Business Launches

And a lot more…

But I am not going to bore you with my profiles at each role. I have it on my LinkedIn in a more interesting way if you wanna know.

What I would like to share with you is… No not my story from Rag To Riches, I told you I don’t have one, but some things I live by:


  • I have zero tolerance for excuses.
  • Punctuality is non – negotiable.
  • Results of perfection (learned it the hard way)
  • No Multi-Tasking ( I was once a furious tasker)
  • Collaboration Over Competition (Growing Together Is Fun)
  • Own It – I own my mistakes, I own my scars, my victories and everything in between.

“I do one thing called

What I Want”

They Called Me Nuts


  • When I left my luxurious life and loving parents and moved to an unknown city Mumbai, to hustle? For what to be independent, you are a fool. I was told.
  • When I came back after 4+ years, leaving the corporate world behind. You are spoiling your career there is nothing in that small town of yours, they said.
  • An ERP company sounds good, but joining at half the salary of what you use to get paid, told you there is nothing in your small town girl.
  • From ERP to Digital Solutions what a pathetic fall it is. Fools did not know the future lies with embracing Digital.
  • Saying no to a 5 figure salary, to build your business? You have finally lost it all.

And that was the time I arrived. From taking salaries to giving salaries.

From creating an income to the mission of leaving a legacy behind.


My Life

She is the apple of my eyes.

Now that you know how I role it professionally, let me welcome you to my life beyond business.

  • My life revolves around my parents and I like it that way.
  • I can’t live with my siblings, neither can I live without them. They are loving and irritating at the same time.
  • I love reading, my mom thinks I am addicted to it, even if I am it is a good addition to have.
  • I simply can’t work from home. My pretty house and lovely people in it are too distracting.
  • My life revolves around this 4-year-old on the left, meet Myra, My Love, My Life. God forgot to connect us through blood, so he did it through the soul.  She turns 5 this August.

That's pretty much about me!

You can join me & other like-minded people in my Facebook Group

Or You can keep it professional and connect with me on LinkedIn

Let's Mingle! 

You know my story and I don’t know your’s now that’s not fair.

Heck, I don’t even know who knows me, drop me a message in the comment section below and let’s get talking!

Bite Size Knowledge

People Call It Blog

LinkedIn Weds Twitter

LinkedIn Weds Twitter

Have you integrated your LinkedIn & Twitter profiles? Have you heard the latest social media gossip? Yes LinkedIn & Twitter are now married.  We all know LinkedIn the world’s best and second to none business networking platform can be integrated...

How & Why of LinkedIn Profile Audit

How & Why of LinkedIn Profile Audit

I am not going to waste your (and my) time over telling you things about LinkedIn that you already know. After all, it isn't something new, its been there and is the master of their game - Business. What I am going to share will take your LinkedIn game up by a notch...

7 things your competitor can teach you about LinkedIn

7 things your competitor can teach you about LinkedIn

COMPETITORS: They wanna see you do good, but never better than them. Remember that. And this is how you can spoil their evil plans. We all have those competitors who make us feel envy and inspired at the same time, don’t we? But have you asked yourself why? The answer...

7 Mistakes people make on LinkedIn

7 Mistakes people make on LinkedIn

Have you tried using LinkedIn? And by using I mean really use the platform to it’s potential and not just having a profile out there? LinkedIn like every other social media platform has it’s own share of lovers and haters, it would be wrong if I say all who are...

LinkedIn For Bloggers

LinkedIn For Bloggers

4 Ways Bloggers Can use LinkedIn To Become Irresistible
MARCH, 2016
LinkedIn For Bloggers

Hey Awesome Blogger,

How would it feel if your content is visible to more people, and not just any people, but those who are your target audience?

How would it feel to put your blog across those who are sold out on your expertise in your niche?

All of this is just one platform away.


But, yes there is always a but… before I take you on a drive where we talk business, I would like you to appreciate how awesomeness (if that even is a word). Yes, You! The one staring at the screen, you are AWESOME all kind of Awesome. It takes a lot to be a blogger, a real one and you are one, so you are awesome in every way.

So, before we dive into our topic and explore the how and why of LinkedIn for Bloggers, take a deep breath and appreciate yourself, If possible treat yourself with your favorite pudding today ( and if you are not a pudding person like me, pick anything you want, but treat yourself well). You have earned it. 

Now let’s talk business!

Image by Official LinkedIn Blog

Irrespective of where you are in your Blog To Bank journey, you know creating great content is not enough, you have to do a billion more things (ok maybe not billion but those couple of things seems like a billion) and few most important amongst the category are:

    1. To establish yourself as a Subject Matter Expert
    2. To put your content in front of more and more people 
    3. To grow your “tie-up” network
    4. Business Expansion                    

And this is where LinkedIn comes in. Now there are not debates on LinkedIn being the best business networking platform out there. If you are in Business, you got to be on LinkedIn (well thats another topic, and I know you are sold on LinkedIn already, and that is why you are reading this blog).

So lets see how LinkedIn can be a Bloggers Best Friend


Google LOVES LinkedIn as a matter of fact even Bing does and I am so taking that all search engines do. If you are not there you are missing out, and you are missing out BIG.

But I am there ( Yeah right, having a profile with your education and job details is as good as not having one)  So you got to get it right, with a profile that speaks to your target audience and introduces you as the expert you are.


Visibility If anywhere in the back of your mind you have a thought that LinkedIn if only for people looking for jobs, or dead corporate connections, flush that thought out of your system right away. For all kind of people who mean business are there, Brands you can promote, PR folks you can network with, Agencies you can guest write for and also your next client and reader.  They are all on LinkedIn.

But I am there ( Yeah right, having a profile with your education and job details is as good as not having one)  So you got to get it right, with a profile that speaks to your target audience and introduces you as the expert you are.


Professional & Trusting Blogging as an industry is still on a boom, its growing at a rapid speed, and like every industry even blogging has attracted amateurs who think it is a joke to blog or for better make money out of blogging. Resulting in bloggers earning a bad reputation, of not being professional and trust worthy when it comes to deliverables and commitments.

A profound presence on LinkedIn impacts a bloggers reputation in a big way, and in multiple ways.

  • Your skills makes it easy for people to find you
  • Your professional self is at display – at it best
  • Your content is glorifying your authority
  • Peoples’ engagement and your interaction with them reveals your true story
  • Your recommendations & endorsements are your testimonials


Networking again has its raving fans and haters like every great thing does. Networking when done right can be the strongest assist to a business or a person. People usually go and network with every TDH which definitely is a waste of everything (more than time the opportunity which could have been used to network with the right person), and only once they network they know wether or not this person adds value to their network in any way.

However, on LinkedIn you can be as sure as one can be when it comes to networking. A little search through the profile and you know if it is worth it.


Show Off Your Skills Facebook Instagram Snapchat and all alike are platforms where people who off mainly their lifestyle, relationships, pets, and what not. LinkedIn is a platform to show off your “Professional Self” yes we do that one facebook too and there is no harm in it, but LinkedIn leads and is a clear winner when it comes to quality of people you attract.

Show off your latest blog, your love note from a client, your working process, your X-factor, share tips and tricks, talk about trends, forecasts a few if you can.

Anjali Wadhwani
I help service-based businesses growth hack to the next level of profits through the power of integrated strategies.

All these together will serve the purpose of not only putting your content in front of more eyes and brains (that too of right people) but also would establish you as an authority in your domain.

LinkedIn, when used in a strategic fashion, could also become your Lead Generation Machine.  The one that ensures you bank your blogs every single time you get your fingers on the mighty keyboard.

So what are you waiting for? Have a lingering question about LinkedIn that I did not answer? Reach out to me in the comments box or on my Facebook Group, and we will find the answers together.

Want to know how you are doing on LinkedIn?

Start by auditing your LinkedIn profile, the good news is you can DIY your LinkedIn Profile Audit. Click here to know how, and yes it is FREE

Facebook Strategy 2018

Facebook Strategy 2018

Is Your Facebook Strategy Ready for 2018?

Anjali Wadhwani
I help buisnesses growth hack to next level of  profit & sustainability.

Facebook is an integral part of online businesses and that is why keeping up with it tops the list of every Digital Marketer. Facebook being one of the fastest evolving social media platforms keeps experimenting with new features to keep both the end users and marketers hooked and happy.

And with Facebook changing their feed algorithms, there is a lot that needs to be tweaked in your strategy. So here is what 2018 holds for Facebook and its time both marketers and business gear up for it.

People are not on social media to buy, they are there to know, connect, learn, and edutain (educate + entertain).

Anjali Wadhwani

Facebook Forecasts For 2018, are you Ready?

1. In Store Purchases

2. Going Mobile is not optional anymore

3.Bots Bots Bots

4. Watch Facebook Watch

5. Don’t let the numbers fool you

Facebook is back to basics, what started as a platform connecting people was soon over flooded with feeds of business pages and that clearly did not go well with people. Mark Zuckerberg, a man who listens to his customers played his cards and announced in one of his posts that the feeds are changing again and would be more focused on updates from friends than pages. 

What delighted users became a concern for businesses and advertisers, but as the dust settled down here are few things to take notice of:

1. Pages & Groups that YOU have created are still third party resources. Do not put all your eggs in one basket, move them to your owned mediums.

2. This move means spending more money on ads, coz hey that’s their main revenue stream, so pleasing people and that my friends is a masterstroke.

And now is the time you look past the declining reach, get up, dust yourself up and re-strategize your moves, in doing so here are few things you should consider. 

In Store Purchases

This one has been going around from some time now, a drug store shampoo increased their off-shelf purchases by 18% in 2017 only through Facebook In-Store Ads.

While some businesses are happy that as high as 51% of their sales come from online mediums, some are cranky and hate the digital revolution (especially in Developing countries), blaming the digital revolution and eCom businesses for their declining sales, while the real culprit responsible is their resistance to adopt technology.

Yes, it will be 2018 in a blink of an eye but it is still not too late. Facebook will make the in-store result tracking more transparent, and QR Code Reward Tracking System will further make the In-Store ads a hit amongst brick and motor businesses.

Going Mobile is not optional anymore

Even in 2017 people were still debating about their mobile presence, but now the debate is over. Going Mobile is no more an option, it is a necessity. 80% of Facebook’s revenue come from mobile users, and it is only increasing.

So my marketer friends and businesses owners, Go Mobile before it is too late.

PS: Going mobile does not necessarily mean having an app.

Bots Bots Bots

This time make a move fast, the first mover advantage is gone already but you still gotta time to be early adopters. With the changed news feed, the every day dipping page conversations, Messenger is your life safer, for people still haven’t developed a blind eye for it. Make the most of it while you can.

Remember, Bots like every other Facebook feature have their own set of rules, adhere to them. Use it to engage your audience, to give them reminders, tips and be creative, do not I repeat do not make it your sales pitch broadcast system.

Keep a watch on Facebook – Watch

The second biggest search engine is YOUTUBE and videos are the way to go, and while giants like Amazon is getting their dig already, Facebook is playing it rather slow (which has always been their case slow and steady), with Facebook Watch. It may take some more time for this one to pick it up, but when it does, it is set to be big.

Don’t let the numbers fool you

Even today I find my self-explaining it to my client that the numbers of Facebook fans or for that matter any fans is not something that should drive our strategies. Only 2 % of YOUR facebook fans see YOUR posts, 2%.

Yes, just that. Your Fans, do not see YOUR posts.

At every chance you get convert them into your subscriber, own their digital currency which is email. And then do not spam it.

PS: If you have a fan page with good numbers but not even average interaction, run a fans only ad and revive them.

That was about facebook in 2018 and how you can embrace it. But irrespective of the medium you chose remember to make about them (YOUR target audience) not YOU.

Want to strategically plan your digital moves? Are you ready to say bye to ad hoc way of social media and make a strategic move that helps YOUR BUSINESS, lets talk.


Want more of Blogs, Tips, Tricks, Freebies and more that help you grow your business one step at time? Join the tribe now!

15 Questions I ask on every Pre-Strategy Call

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How & Why of LinkedIn Profile Audit

I am not going to waste your (and my) time over telling you things about LinkedIn that you already know. After all, it isn't something new, its been there and is the master of their game - Business. What I am going to share will take your LinkedIn game up by a notch...

LinkedIn Marketing ROI Calculator

LinkedIn Marketing ROI Calculator

Use the LinkedIn Marketing Champions Calculator to find answers to:

  1. How many prospects do I need to contact and connect on LinkedIn?
  2. How much time do I need to invest?
  3. How much will it cost me to include LinkedIn as a core channel in my marketing strategy?
  4. What does it means for my business in terms of revenue?
  5. What will be the Return On Investment over this?

All this in matter of minutes, you just need to enter few numbers you feel resonate the question asked in regards to your business.

Here is how it works?

Watch this first

Excited? Wanna Calculate YOUR LinkedIn Marketing ROI?

Yes You Do! Just sign up and it is all yours 🙂

A lot is happening in my tine Facebook group and right now it is all about LinkedIn, and I would love to know more about you.

7 things your competitor can teach you about LinkedIn

7 things your competitor can teach you about LinkedIn

COMPETITORS: They wanna see you do good, but never better than them. Remember that.

And this is how you can spoil their evil plans.

We all have those competitors who make us feel envy and inspired at the same time, don’t we? But have you asked yourself why? The answer is simple, they are what we want to be, and they are where we want to be specially when it comes to business. 

We envy their authority in the industry, we inspire from their life, and we are jealous off the fact that they are a magnet to your prospects and wonder what is it that we are not able to pulse on? It’s time to piggy back their strategy. 

Many of my clients and myself have been there, rushing through the madness, stalking them on social media platforms from fake profiles, competing on rates and offers, the one after the another website re-design, gosh would you believe if I say one of my client even bought the competitors product (obviously by another name) only to find his solution is not the same but a level up and a price down, still he isn’t making half as money as his competition.

Happens right, happens all the time, with all of us. Inspite of having the best product and pricing, inspite of those awesome freebies and opt-ins, inspite of those endless engagements on social media what is it that is missing?

May be your answer is LinkedIn! Yes LinkedIn. You might be thinking I am crazy but hold on till you read what I have got to say next (you will thank me for this later, I bet).

Piggy back their strategy

Social media is for friends and family, email is for keeping up with daily work and communication, Google is to find information (mostly free) and they still bring you business don’t they? Then imagine what can a platform that is meant for business do for you? What would it mean for you to be in front of and interact with people at a place where they are for business, real business.

Answer this; which one would you prefer meeting your ideal client in a social gathering or personal space, or in a business event? Both? Yes ideally, but where do you have better chances to strike a conversation (business intended) and tell them about your offerings without making it awkward? I best it’s the later one, and that my friend is LinkedIn.

Lets get to the meat (and if you are a vegetarian chose your fav. food) now. Here are 10 things your competitors can teach you about LinkedIn

  1. Positioning – Business is all about positioning isn’t it? That’s why someone is paid in paradise and others in peanuts. Learn how to position yourself the way it connects.

  2. Hangout Points – Identify the LinkedIn groups your competitor is hanging out in. Join them and participate to build authority and slowly attract prospects.

  3. Content Clues – Analyse what content they share, is it editorials or re-furbished blogs, controversial, industry updates or something else; further analyse how people react to it, which ones are driving more engagement than others and then take your cue.

  4. Interactions – Leads come from interactions, research how and with whom your client is building rappo and how they are building their prospect base.

  5. Personal Slice – LinkedIn isn’t really a platform to share your snaps from the party last night, neither it is for sharing the cat videos that you love over food and we all know that. Stalk your competitor(s) to find out the perfect balance of what kind of “personal” is accepted in YOUR industry, to YOUR prospects.

  6. Social Proofs – Social proofs can make or break your authority, yes they have the power to even break I repeat break your authority, how? If you are putting our testimonials and success stories that do not appear authentic (being authentic isn’t enough, they got to appear authentic as well) you have landed on the wrong foot my friend. Find out how your competitor is using social proofs to build trust and authority.

  7. Skills Seduction – An easy peasy thing to do but highly effective is to identify which skills they are focusing on and have most endorsements and recommendations for. Take it from there.

While this covers what you can learn from your competition the another important part of LinkedIn is YOUR profile. Now sure if your LinkedIn Profile is Helping, Hurting or Making no difference, take the quiz to find out?