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Don’t make blogging your expensive hobby, make it your success machine.

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Whether you are a blogger at present or you are just considering blogging. Whether your vision is to create a passive source of income by making Blogging a side hustle or you are going all dibs for Blogging as Business. It is critical to map your blogging business plan.

A plan that gives you all the insights that you need to have, to make informed decisions.

The only purpose of planning this is to keep you in business profitably, without overwhelming you.

Now we take it as a prerequisite that:

  1. You know both the advantages and disadvantages of blogging as a career.
  2. You understand blogging (as a business) is a constant affair and needs your time on a regular basis.
  3. You understand their are various skills you will need to run your blogging business, and you are ready to invest either in time (learning those skills) or money (delegating and outsourcing)

If not, I request you to pause here, research and reflect on the things mentioned above; you can always come back here later for taking the next step.

This blogging business plan will help you make informed decisions on:

  1. What should I be blogging about
  2. How much time to do I need to invest in it
  3. What are other things I will need
  4. Who will be my customers
  5. What are my tie-ups going to look like
  6. What can be my additional source of revenue through my blog
  7. What can I sell and offer on this blog
  8. How profitable it will be for me to run this blog.

All of this and a lot more.

Oh ho… Do I see a frown on your face? Lines building on your forehead? Sorry if I scared you, my only goal is to help your blog be your business and not an expensive hobby you build for yourself. And don’t worry you don’t have to do it all by yourself.

Are you game?

If you are reading this, you are Hurray!!!!

And you have earned yourself this awesome no fuss, bluff ridden, idiot proof, one-page blogging as a business B-Plan.