5 Tips on including LinkedIn in your

Social Media Strategy

Anjali Wadhwani

Business Strategist helping businesses growth hack to the next level of profits and sustainability.

As if making the website and writing or for that matter getting awesome content was written wasn’t enough we also have to promote it. And and and that is now where it ends, promoting it in email signatures, Facebook, Instagram is not the end, you gotta embrace LinkedIn as well.

Yes, LinkedIn – LinkedIn is like those diets that work on everyone else but me. But what needs to be done needs to be done, there are no excuses for success.

If this is you, you will love what you read.



LinkedIn is no Facebook and there are no prizes for guessing that. The cute cat videos, the chilling holiday pictures, and funny snap chat filters are not going to work here. Neither will hey I am doing so and so let’s do a like for like crap.

Obviously, those who are on LinkedIn are also on Facebook (Dah who is not) but the reason of why they are on those platforms differ big time. And as yours truly once said “Be where your audience is there, share what they want to know on THAT platform). The rants are not on LinkedIn, neither does hey look at me kind of content survive there. So what it is that works there?

What works on LinkedIn?

Connections. That’s the one-word answer to this. And otherwise it is this:

Put your best suit on. (Your Profile)
Speak your best pick up line. (The content You Share)
Prime them so they can make a move. (The personalized value addition you do to nurture your contacts)

Now that you know what works on LinkedIn, let’s answer how to drive traffic from LinkedIn to your website?

Have a prospect pulling profile

Don’t let the all-star thing blind you. It is not as much about filling the information as it is about putting it in a way that YOUR readers are captivated by it.

Network it right

It is not about the numbers here, it really isn’t. Have a network that adds value to your business and help you or at least are capable of either being your clients, referring you to one, or help you reach any of your business or life goals.

“Being on LinkedIn and not interacting is like going to a social event and hiding in the corner.”

Be There

Yes not as much as you are there on Facebook, but be there, be present, mark your presence. Remember out of sight is out of mind. And remember every character you type, every image every link that you share is building your perception in someone’s mind, make it what you want it to be.

Establish Authority

LinkedIn is a great platform to establish your authority, expertise, thought leadership whatever you want it to be. Use Targeted groups to do that, and attract your prospects.

Most people make a mess of joining groups, so here are few tips to go by.
Tips for joining targeted LinkedIn groups:
There are over 1.5 million LinkedIn groups, many of which offer incredible networking opportunities.
Search for groups, and assess which ones would be of value for your business.
Join groups that have genuine engagement, and reach your niche.

*If you can’t find a group you like, make your own.

Stay Connected

Question time: How many people you have on your network that would recognise you if you met at an airport or an event?

The answer to this question alone will tell if you are making the best out of this opportunity and platform or not. 

Pro Tip: Stay connected with them, provide value, move them to your inner circle one person at a time.

LinkedIn cannot only be the rockstar of your social media strategy but has the potential to be your Lead Generating Machine.

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