10 Minutes to keeping your LinkedIn Live

Aanjali Wadhwani

Business Strategist helping businesses growth hack to the next level of profits and sustainability.

Let’s get this straight

embarassedYou have a LinkedIn Profile

money-mouthYou know LinkedIn works

yellYou do not know how you can make it work

undecidedYou do not have hours to focus on another networking site

I get it, all of it.

But not having time is not an excuse, specially when it means you are leaving money on the table.

If you are not living under a rock lately, you will know a part of my business is helping professionals and business Leverage LinkedIn in making it their lead generation machine.

In this course my clients develop their LinkedIn Game Plan.

While I can not give you the entire game plans for two reasons:

  1. Without proper pieces in place (Profile, Presence, Network & Messaging) it just wont work.
  2. Its my bread and butter, or may be PBNJ for that matter

Here I am sharing a good, actionable, easy to implement slice from it for you.

10 Minutes to keeping your LinkedIn Live and Network Kicking

1 Minute of screening & Accept Invitation Requests

2 Minutes of sending them thank you notes, initiating a conversation.

3 Minutes of finding people, and playing peek-a-boo + Butter Them Up ( Visit their profiles, engage with their content, comment)

2 Minutes of sending them (Day Before Yesterday’s step 3 contacts) customized connection request.

2 Minutes of posting your recently published content, or your take on other’s content.

Those are your 10 Minutes to building a kicking network on LinkedIn.

Simple. Effective. Neat.

But the is not enough I know, but this will help you get started.

The key is to send the right message and get a conversation going.

Here are a few types of messages you should keep in your kitty before starting, otherwise this ain’t happening in 10 Minutes.

  1. Message for sending a connection request
  2. Welcome message after YOUR connection requests gets accepted
  3. Welcome message to people whom connection requests you accepted

Keep them ready, and make the most out of your 10 minutes on LinkedIn every day.

If you are keen and ready to go all in and want to Leverage LinkedIn in and for your business, connect with me, and we can explore how we can get you started with leveraging LinkedIn.

That being said, don’t miss adding me to your LinkedIn network.

“Being on LinkedIn and not interacting is like going to a social event and hiding in the corner.”

Be There

Yes not as much as you are there on Facebook, but be there, be present, mark your presence. Remember out of sight is out of mind. And remember every character you type, every image every link that you share is building your perception in someone’s mind, make it what you want it to be.

Establish Authority

LinkedIn is a great platform to establish your authority, expertise, thought leadership whatever you want it to be. Use Targeted groups to do that, and attract your prospects.

Most people make a mess of joining groups, so here are few tips to go by.
Tips for joining targeted LinkedIn groups:
There are over 1.5 million LinkedIn groups, many of which offer incredible networking opportunities.
Search for groups, and assess which ones would be of value for your business.
Join groups that have genuine engagement, and reach your niche.

*If you can’t find a group you like, make your own.

Stay Connected

Question time: How many people you have on your network that would recognise you if you met at an airport or at an event?

The answer to this question alone will tell if you are making the best out of this opportunity and platform or not. 

Pro Tip: Stay connected with them, provide value, move them to your inner circle one person at a time.

LinkedIn cannot only be the rockstar of your social media strategy but has the potential to be your Lead Generating Machine.

On that note, do not miss to add me to your LinkedIn Network, it would be a privilege to connect with you.

You can also join me & other like-minded people in my Facebook Group

Or You can keep it all professional and connect with me on LinkedIn

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